Thursday, 7 May 2015

Clarifying your housing concerns

Charges at move out
Currently, the new contract doesn’t tie in with the JSP (housing policy) and some families are getting very large potential bills given to them at the pre-move-out appointment.
If your carpets are over 10 years old or you haven’t had a redec in over four years, then if charges are raised, you are within your rights to challenge them.
The charges need to be raised in order to trigger the works order, however, the Accommodation Officer (AO) will now make you aware that you will be able to challenge them; write “charges disputed” on your move-out paperwork and then, when the bill arrives, follow the instructions for disputing the charge.
It is very important that you are given paperwork at your move-in, move-out and pre-move-out appointments; make sure that you sign every page and keep a copy of these along with a copy of your 14-day report, as this is your insurance against charges at move-out.
Pre-move-out appointments not following the correct process
Some families have reported that the AO has simply handed over advice sheets and not walked around the house. CA confirmed at the meeting that the AO should walk round the house with you, room by room, and list everything which needs to be done in order for the SFA to pass at move-out.
Details of this, along with a list of potential charges, will be left with you. If you have had a pre-move-out and didn’t walk round the house with the AO, or weren’t left with a list of jobs/charges, please contact your UWO to arrange another appointment.
Carpet charges
If a stain on a carpet can’t be removed by cleaning, or a burn is too big to be repaired, then the carpet will be replaced on move-out at a charge to families of £26 per square metre.
For those families in Catterick who wish to organise a carpet repair (or replacement) themselves, the company which must be used to ensure the correct carpet/match is used is called Hudspeths – the AO will have their details, or ask your UWO.
Find out more, wherever you are
No matter where you are in the UK, if you have any issues with your move-in, pre-move-out or move-out appointments, including any charges brought, please contact your UWO.