Friday, 13 May 2016

Carillion amey Customer Service

Tailored training aims to boost customer service

CarillionAmey employs 138 Accommodation Officers (AOs) including Senior AOs and Trainees, who are our key people helping you when you move in and out of, or during your stay in your Service homes. They are often the first ‘face to face’ contact families have with CarillionAmey.

We are aware that in the past, some of our AOs didn’t always put customers first. As part of our Housing improvement plan we want to make sure that this is put right and so all of our AOs have recently taken part in an intensive training programme which was aimed at giving them a better understanding of the issues that Service families may face when moving home. Here’s what you should look out for in your AO:

  • A willingness to help with advice and guidance on living in your home
  • An understanding of the difficulties of constant home moves and living away from friends and family
  • A desire to help find solutions to any problems that might arise in your property
  • A firm but fair approach to the Moving in and out process
  • A real interest in your community and keeping it smart and tidy and well maintained 

We know how important it is for our AOs to be able to provide practical help and guidance to families on such thing as how they go about ordering furniture or dealing with damp in their homes. AOs are here to help and if they can answer your questions straightaway you will have renewed confidence in them.

Communication is the basis for good customer care and to help our AOs with their role they took part in role play sessions, acting out real life scenarios to understand how you feel when you have to move home so frequently.  It gave them the opportunity to focus on the right question to ask, advice on how to listen carefully to answers and how best to swiftly and sensitively resolve any issues you might have. 

By training our people better we can make sure that Service families living in the properties we look after receive the same consistent high level of customer care across the UK. It’s never easy moving and we can’t reduce all the stresses and strains but we can certainly work hard to provide a really effective customer focused service that puts you at the heart of it.