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Monday, 24 April 2017

Care quality Commission Inspection - MOD St Athan Medical Centre

The Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) will be inspected by the Care quality Commissioning (CQC) Team on the 16 May 2017. They may require access to individual medical records, please see below for the current policy and how to opt out if you do not wish for them to gain access to your personal medical record.

Healthcare Governance Assurance Visits(HGAV)1.

During Healthcare Governance Assurance Visits (HGAV) the visiting medical team carry out a quality control check on a proportion of Service and National Health Service medical records.  Any confidential medical information about an individual will not be divulged by the visiting team, however, individuals have the right to deny the HGAV team access to their own documents should they so wish.

Action Required by Service Personnel.

Service personnel are to inform their dependants that if they are registered with the medical centre, that visiting Doctors and Defence Medical Personnel may inspect their medical records.

Action to Deny Access.

Any individual who does not wish their records to be inspected should inform the Senior Medical Officer or Practice Manager in writing. jonathan.minty100@mod.uk (SMO) or
Fiona.Harper989@mod.uk (Practice Manager)